Global Entry Program Expands to Four Additional Airports

Customs and Border Protection has announced the expansion of their Global Entry program. The program will be expanded to include four additional airports throughout the month of March: Minneapolis – St. Paul International Airport, Minneapolis, Minn. (03/5); Charlotte Douglas International Airport, Charlotte, N. C. (03/12); Denver International Airport, Denver, Colo. (03/19); and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Phoenix, Ariz. (03/26). This expansion is connected to recent initiatives to increase travel and tourism in the U.S., as well as encourage job creation. Part of President Obama’s initiative, established through Executive Order, included making the Global Entry pilot program a permanent program.

Global Entry is now available in 24 airports in the U.S. and gives pre-approved members access to a streamlined and automated way to avoid the tedious nature of regular passport processing lines. Wait times for people utilizing the program are reduced by over 70 percent; more than ¾ of travelers that use the Global Entry program are processed in under five minutes.

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