USCIS Posts Final RFE Template for Aliens of Extraordinary Ability

USCIS has just posted a revised final RFE template for Form I-140 E11, the Alien of Extraordinary Ability Form. This template was updated to incorporate stakeholder feedback received by USCIS after posting the template in its Feedback Opportunities website section. This updated template, USCIS says, will be posted online for a total of 10 days for stakeholder visibility. USCIS Service Centers plan to immediately begin using the template.

Access the template online at:

USCIS and USPS Implement Secure Mail Initiative

USCIS recently posted a notice informing the public that it has fully implemented the Secure Mail Initiative (SMI). This initiative uses the U.S. Postal Service’s (USPS) Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation option to deliver certain immigration documents in a secure, safe and timely manner. This initiative was made possible through a partnership between USCIS and USPS and enables USCIS to confirm that permanent residence cards and documents related to travel and employment authorization were successfully delivered to recipients.

Through the use of USPS tracking data, applicants can easily access delivery information and stay up to date on the status of their documents. In addition, the new initiative will enable a speedier delivery process; on average, documents sent through priority mail will arrive two to four business days earlier than if they were sent via first-class mail.