DHS Extends Deadline for REAL ID Material Compliance Deadline

After 46 out of 56 states and territories informed the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that they would not be able to meet the December 31, 2009 REAL ID material compliance deadline, DHS has decided to extend that deadline date. This compliance deadline calls for states and territories to meet 18 interim benchmarks in their efforts to ensure consistency and security in the issuance of state driver’s licenses and state ID cards.

“In order to ensure that the millions of Americans traveling this holiday season are not disrupted, DHS is extending the Dec. 31 REAL ID material compliance deadline,” reported DHS in a recent press release. “The May 10, 2011, deadline for full compliance remains in effect, and the Department will continue to work closely with states to meet this deadline.

The REAL ID Act of 2005 is a federal law that demands certain security, authentication and issuance procedures for state driver’s licenses and state ID cards, in order for them to be accepted by the federal government for official purposes, such as proof of identity when boarding commercial airliners or entering federal buildings.

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