USCIS Planning to Add Self-Check System to E-Verify Program

USCIS is planning to add a new, self-checking system to its E-Verify employee screening program. The new self-checking system will allow persons to pre-screen themselves with the E-Verify system, prior to their employer’s check of their immigration status. Over 170,000 employers currently have signed up to use the E-Verify system to verify the employment eligibility of new hires. Nearly all new hires are automatically approved by the system; those that aren’t are allowed to contest their non-confirmation by E-Verify.

The new program, according to federal officials, will cut down on the number of individuals that need to contest their non-confirmed status. “[E-Verify] protects employees from exploitive employers,” said Alejandro Mayorkas, the director of USCIS. “It enables employers to ensure the lawfulness of their work force, and therefore comply with the law.”

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