In Hispanic Populations, Fluency in English Increases Dramatically with Each Generation

According to a recently published study conducted by the Pew Hispanic Center, almost 9 out of every 10 Hispanic adults born in the U.S. are fluent speakers of English. In contrast, the immigrant parents of U.S.-born Hispanic Americans reported a less than 25% rate of fluency in the English language.

The study, which gathered data from 14,000 Hispanic adults over a 4-year period, found, startlingly, that the level of fluency in the English language rose up to 94% in each generation. According to the study, “as fluency in English increases across generations, so, too, does the regular use of English by Hispanics.”

Hispanics are the fastest-growing population in the country; more than 43 million of the nation’s 300 million inhabitants are Hispanic and that number continues to grow. Further, Hispanics are at the forefront of the recent debates on immigration in the House and Senate.

Data from the Pew Hispanic Center report points to high level of assimilation seen in Hispanic immigrant populations in the U.S. at a generational level, something that may lead to a more supportive view of immigration issues and rights related to this minority population.

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