Senate, House Conference on Appropriations Bill Leads to Changes in Immigration Legislation

In early November, during a conference between House and Senate members to reconcile differences in their two versions of the Labor-HHS-Education and Military Construction-VA appropriation bills, two major immigration provisions were deleted. While no official information is, as of yet, available, it is understood that the proposed increase in H-1B fees has been removed from the appropriation bills. In addition, an amendment added by the U.S. Senate, that would have recaptured unused Green Cards for Schedule A occupations, has also been removed.

Please note, though, that President Bush has publicly stated he may veto these bills. This would, of course, lead to further revisions, compromises and changes in regulation. These changes would invariably affect the structures of the bills overall, but most likely would also affect the specific immigration-related measures within these massive appropriation bills.

Change in Travel Regulations for H and L Nonimmigrants

A new rule published by USICS has removed the requirement that certain H and L nonimmigrants who are returning to the U.S. after traveling abroad show a receipt notice for their adjustment of status applications. This regulation chance, according to USCIS, removes an unnecessary documentation requirement that USCIS believes puts a burden on these nonimmigrants. This change became effective November 1, 2007.