USCIS To Issue Requests for Evidence to Alien Fiancés

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced this week that it will begin issuing “Requests for Evidence” for over 10,000 Alien Fiancé(e) Petitions (Form I-129F) that are currently being held at USCIS Service Centers. In accordance with provisions of the International Marriage Brokers Regulation Act of 2005, the USCIS will immediately start issuing these RFEs to petitioners affected by this provision.

According to USCIS all petitions that were filed on or after March 6 of this year are required to be supplemented with additional information, including data related to the petitioner’s criminal history (if relevant). A new Form-I-129F with these changes incorporated will be available later this month.

The goal of these changes are to ensure protection of alien fiancées against situations of domestic violence. This is an essential change in process and is quite important to ensure that those alien fiancées that do come to the U.S. do so in a safe and meaningful way.

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