Pro-Business Immigration Lobbyists Praise Senate’s Immigration Reform Bill, Caution About Amendment

Pro-business immigration lobbying groups are praising the Senate’s inclusion of key business immigration provisions to their recently passed Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill. Among these provisions are the following:

  • Raising the H-1B visa cap for highly educated temporary workers to 115,000, and inclusion of flexible market-based annual adjustment.

  • Raising the EB visa cap, along with exempting key categories of workers.

  • Exempting both H-1B and EB visa caps for particular workers with advanced degrees in science, technology, engineering or mathematics.

“A bipartisan Senate has taken a very big step towards resolving a chronic problem facing U.S.employers,” said Sandra Boyd, chair of Compete America, a pro-business immigration bill. “The Senate recognizes that America benefits from the contributions of highly educated foreign nationals.”

Lynn Shotwell, executive director, American Council on International Personnel, also had positive comments about the recently passed bill: “The H-1B and EB visa reform provisions adopted by the Senate are reasonable and long overdue. With the FY 2007 H-1B cap likely to be reached soon, and with backlogs in all employment based categories growing, it is imperative that meaningful reform occur this year.”

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