USCIS Publishes Final Rule Establishing Subcategory for Some International Broadcasters

The USCIS has published a final rule to establish procedures under which the International Broadcasting Bureau of the United States Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), or a grantee organization, can file immigration visa petitions for foreign language alien broadcasters. This rule delineates the requirements that these broadcasters must meet in order to be eligible for such a visa.

In 2000, President Clinton had signed the Special Immigrant Status For Certain United States International Broadcasting Employees Act (IBE Act); section 1 of that act added content that established a special fourth preference employment-based immigrant category for immigrants seeking to enter the U.S. to work as broadcasters with the BBG or a grantee of the BBG.

According to the USCIS: “By creating a new special EB-4 subcategory, the IBE Act allows the BBG and its grantees to directly petition for alien broadcasters. Being able to offer immigrant status to an alien broadcaster and his or her spouse and children may assist the BBG in fulfilling its obligation as the international broadcasting conduit for the United States Government.”

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