British Airlines Implements Online Advanced Passenger Information System

The chief executive officer of British Airways, Willie Walsh, last week strongly suggested that all those traveling to the U.S.on the British airline should fill in their immigration information online at prior to coming to the airport in order to minimize possible delays.

British Airways has implemented these new procedures in direct response to new U.S.legislation requiring additional passenger information from all airlines for non-U.S. passport holders entering the U.S.This additional information includes information about non-U.S. residents’ country of residence and first night destination address, along with information found on those individuals’ passports.

While this information can be provided at the airport (or via a travel agent), British Airlines’ Walsh believes the online process will ensure the most speedy process for travelers. “The our biggest single market,” said Walsh in a speech last week to the Guild of Travel Management Companies in London. “We have 38 flights a day there from Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester…. The last thing we want and certainly the last thing our customers want is long delays at check-in.”

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