DHS Completes Installation of Biometric Identification Systems at all U.S. Land Borders

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has successfully completed the installation of biometric entry capability systems at 104 points of entry by land, as mandated by Congress. Biometric devices are now located at every fixed point of entry open to travelers visiting the U.S. under the US-VISIT program.

“The U.S. Government’s efforts to strengthen our nation’s immigration and border management system have taken a giant leap with the deployment of US-VISIT entry capabilities at all our ports and visa-issuing posts abroad,” said DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff. “US-VISIT is making America safer by enhancing our border management system with next-generation technologies and processes to address the emerging threats, challenges and opportunities of our 21st century world.”

The goal of the US-VISIT program is to enhance security at U.S. borders by verifying the identity of each visitor and by comparing the biometric and biographical information of these visitors against a watch list of terrorists, criminals and individuals that have violated immigration law.


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