US Consulate selects Hyderabad (India) for visa center

The US Consulate has decided to set up its visa processing centre in Hyderabad instead of Bangalore, putting an end to some hard lobbying by both the cities.

The Consulate’s existing facility in Chennai receives nearly 90,000 visa applications each year, of which over 50,000 come from Andhra Pradesh, mainly from software professionals.

“We have identified Hyderabad as our preferred location. There is a heavy concentration of visa applications in Andhra Pradesh,” said David T Cooper, Consul General, USA.

The decision to select Hyderabad has little to do with the recent infrastructure woes of Bangalore, but it is sure to provide ammunition to those who think the Garden City is losing out.

On its part, Hyderabad is sure to showcase the triumph to prove that it is one up in the battle of the two cities.

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