Department of State Will No Longer Accept Visa Revalidations

Department of State Will No Longer Accept Visa Revalidations A representative of the Department of State (DOS) announced last week that all applications for visa revalidations will no longer be accepted by the DOS as of mid-July. An official report stipulating this new regulation is expected to be published in the coming days. One exception is being made to this proposed regulation: applications for which additional information has been requested by DOS that are pending at the date of cancellation will still be accepted.

Visa revalidations are currently applicable for the following visas:

· C Visas;
· E Visas;
· H Visas;
· I Visas;
· L Visas;
· O Visas; and
· P Visas.

DOS is cancelling visa revalidations for these visa categories because they do not have the ability to acquire biometric identifiers that will be required of all visas by October 2004. DOS does not plan to bring visa revalidations back at a later point.

While visa revalidations did cause a significant increase in processing tiems, rejections and denials, this program was lauded by immigrants and immigration service organizations, who are currently developing strategies to convince DOS to revive the visa revalidation program.

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