USCIS Proposes To Increase Fees For Immigration Applications And Petitions

US Immigration and Citizenship Services (USCIS) is proposing to raise fees of the Immigration Examinations Fee Account (IEFA) for immigration applications and petitions. The USCIS also proposes to increase the fee for capturing biometric information for applicants applying for certain applications and petitions from $50 to $70.

The fees collected from applicants are collected in the IEFA and utilized to fund the cost of providing adjudication and naturalization services, along with similar services for asylum/refugee applicants and other immigrant applicants at no fee. These fees may also be utilized to cover administrative costs. The current fees are based on 1997 adjustments made based on cost of living increases.

However, since July 2002, the cost of providing these adjudications/services has increased, especially due to heightened processes to ensure national security. In an attempt to economically recover these increased processing costs, the USCIS proposes the raises in fees, as shown in the table below.

This proposed rule intends to cover the estimated $141 million per year that added security enhancements have cost the Bureau. In addition the fee raises will assist in supporting program enhancements, new activities and administrative support costs, along with responding to a cost of living increase since 1997.

Form Description Proposed fee ($) Current Fee ($)
I-90 Application to replace permanent resident card 185 130
I-102 Application for replacement/initial nonimmigrant arrival/departure record 155 100
I-129 Petition for a nonimmigrant worker 185 130
I-129F Petition for alien fiancé 165 110
I-130 Petition for alien relative 185 130
I-131 Application for travel document 165 110
I-140 Immigrant petition for alien worker 190 135
I-191 Application for petition to return to an unrelinquished domicile 250 195
I-192 Application for advance petition to enter as a nonimmigrant 250 195
I-193 Application for waiver of passport and/or visa 250 195
I-212 Application for permission to reapply for admission into the U.S. after deportation or removal 250 195
I-360 Petition for Amerasian, widow(er) or special immigrant 185 130
I-485 Application to register permanent residence or to adjust status 315 255
I-526 Immigrant petition by alien entrepreneur 465 400
I-539 Application to extend/change nonimmigrant status 195 140
I-600/600A Petition to classify orphan as an immediate relative/application for advance processing or orphan petitions 525 460
I-601 Application for waiver on grounds of excludability 250 195
I-612 Application for waiver of the foreign residence requirement 250 195
I-687 For filing application for status as a temporary resident 240 185
I-690 Application for waiver of excludability 90 35
I-694 Notice of appeal of decision 105 50
I-695 Application for replacement employment authorization or temporary residence card 65 15
I-698 Application to adjust status from temporary to permanent resident 175 120
I-751 Petition to remove the conditions on residence 200 145
I-765 Application for employment authorization 175 120
I-817 Application for family unity benefits 195 140
I-824 Application for action on an approved application or petition 195 140
I-829 Petition by entrepreneur to remove conditions 455 395
I-881 NACARA – Suspension of deportation or application for special rule cancellation of removal 275 215
I-914 Application for T nonimmigrant status 255 200
N-300 Application to file declaration of intention 115 60
N-336 Request for hearing on a decision in naturalization procedures 250 195
N-400 Application for naturalization 320 260
N-470 Application to preserve residence for naturalization purposes 150 95
N-565 Application for replacement naturalization citizenship documents 210 155
N-600 Application for certification of citizenship 240 185
N-600K Application for citizenship and issuance of certification under Section 322 240 185



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