Cuban Singers Unable to Enter US to Attend Latin Grammys

In a public relations fiasco last week, the U.S. Department of State did not process in time visas to allow Cuban musicians to attend the Latin Grammys. According to State Department spokesman, Richard Boucher, “We all know that Cuba is on the State Sponsors of Terrorism list, and therefore all Cubans have to get appropriate handling for their visas, and it takes a while.” Boucher went on to state that the aforementioned Cuban musicians did not turn their visa applications in soon enough to for the applications to be processed.

In response to questions regarding the Cubans missing from the Latin Grammys, Boucher stated: “Here, we have people who have applied very late in the process, and we’re trying to do what we can for them. But I can’t promise we can get it all done in time. You can’t expect us to do all the necessary, legally required, and prudent checks in a very, very short length of time with an event coming up in a few days.”

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