INS Now Provides Online Access to Case Status Information

The INS recently launched an online system for viewing the status of cases pending at U.S. Services Centers. This new, web-based method for checking case status provides an alternative to the INS Direct inquiry lines.

The online Case Status Service provides 24-hour access to the latest information about cases pending at INS Service Centers. You can search for the status of your immigration benefits application by entering in the application receipt number assigned to you by the INS. Changes to your case will be posted within minutes; however, only recent case status information is located online.

The Case Status Service provides information for a range of visa applications. For a full list of applications supported, visit

All case status information available online is identical to information provided by the INS’s telephone-based information system, INS Direct. Information online is available in both English and Spanish. Further, all data on the site is secure, and uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to provide authentication and confidentiality.

For further information about your application receipt number or the online Case Status Service, please telephone the INS National Customer Service Center at 800.375.5283 or 800.767.1833.

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