Revised Naturalization Application Form N-400 Implemented by INS

WASHINGTON -The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) implemented a revised Application for Naturalization, Form N-400 – the form used by eligible immigrants to obtain United States citizenship on Aug 1, 2001. The revised INS Form, N-400 to make the form easier for applicants to complete, address recent statutory provisions and process applications faster by capturing more required information initially on the N-400 rather than on separate forms later in the naturalization process.

The INS has already begun using the new edition of Form N-400 – which specifies “Rev.
05/31/01” in the lower right-hand corner – the agency will continue to accept the previous edition of the form through December 31, 2001. Beginning on January 1, 2002, all prior editions of Form N-400 will become obsolete, and the INS will stop accepting them.
Interested Applicants can obtain the revised Form N-400 by calling the toll-free INS Telephone Information Service Line at 1-800-375-5283 or by downloading it from the INS Web site at .

The revised N-400 includes.

1. Additional questions to address disability accommodations, disability waivers, illegal voting, terrorism and persecution, and removal proceedings.

2. Explanation of the 90-day early filing provision for certain applicants.

3. Simpler filing instructions.

4.New format that reorganizes topic headings for smoother flow of information and breaks up lengthy and complex questions into shorter, more specific ones.

Community-based organizations and applicant focus groups provided valuable input to the INS in redesigning the form.

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